Story Telling Methodology

Akshara adopts STORY TELLING methodology embedded with MILESTONES

Story telling is the oldest and most interesting form of teaching. This method was followed right from Gurukulas ,where the Gurus used to impart knowledge to their Sishyas in a disciplined manner which later was followed by the grandparents in the form of stories with morals and values.

The Genres used are :

  • Fables
  • Fantasies
  • Realistic fiction
  • Melodramas
  • Stories from epics and many such variants.

Benefits of using Story Telling as a Methodology

  • To gain Verbal Skills
  • To enhance imagination
  • To Connect to self and real life
  • To analyse and look for details
  • To develop creative and critical thinking skills

Skills Developed

  • Social Skills
  • Motor skills
  • Language and Communication skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Scientific skills
  • Creative skills